Stockholm, Sweden

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Where is Stockholm?

Stockholm is located in east Sweden, Scandinavia peninsula. This is recognized the capital city of Sweden and most dense city in Sweden.

Many people recognized the stockholm as Stockholm syndrome (it is not proud…I am sorry).

Why was I in Stockholm?

In this Spring, I had to go to the embassy in Stockholm.
Actually, it took only 10 min task in embassy… But I needed to go there.

How was Stockholm City?

Here is the video of the time.

The route is below;
Stockholm library, Sveavagen, Kungstensgatan, Hollandargatan, Adolf Fredisks Kykogard, Adolf Fredisks krykogata, Drottniggatan , Barnhusgatan, City conference centre, Upplandsgatan, Vasagatan, Kungsgatan, Terminalslingan, Stockholm station.

Famous spot in this route 1. Stockholm public library

The Stockholm city library.

Stockholm city library, which is located in northern part of city centre of Stockholm city, is well-designed structure and, interestingly, it is a round shape.

Famous spot in this route 2. Central station

Stockholm central station

I didn’t show in the video. But, there is fashionable main entrance on grand floor of Stockholm central station.
There is a statue of Nils Ericson, who is called as “father of Swedish transport”.


There is many video on Youtube through the main or famous street.
So, in this time, I used minor street as much as possible.

That’s why the route is little strange.

I will walk and update video on every single Sunday.
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