Nya Allén (street in Gothenburg

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The number of named streets, squares, places, stairs, etc. in 2012 in Gothenburg is 6,650, of which 101 streets are within the moats. The length of these is 140.5 miles and the area 14 million square meters. In total, there are approximately 20,379 medium-blue nameplates with white text posted.

Street name in Gothenburg on Wkipedia

Nya Allén is the 1800 long street in central Gothenburg.
This street pass through Haga, Pustervik, Vasastaden, Lorensberg andHeden region.

Nya Allén was Olof Wijk d.ä. , but Carl Wilhelm Carlberg is also considered to have been eager for the proposal.

Olof Wijk the Elder was the Swedish businessman and politician in Gothenburg in 19th century.
Carl Wilhelm Carlberg was the Swedish was a Swedish architect , fortification officer and Gothenburg’s first city architect.

You can imagine what happened in this era, as you read below.
Concerned about the fall of Sweden, the enlightened despot Gustav III restored the monarchy through a coup d’etat in 1772, and by 1790 the absolute monarchy was restored. Gustav III started the Russo-Swedish War and restored the balance of power in the Baltic Sea to some extent.
Under the rational thinking of Bernadotte, a Frenchman, the unification of the Scandinavian peninsula was fortunately accomplished, and Sweden thereafter turned to conservatism and Scandinavia became more unified (Sweden-Norway).

Nya Allén in front of Haga

Haga is the popular and historical region in Gothenburg.

In Haga

Nya Allén and Vasagatan is row of tree.

We can relax to walk in these street when it is sunny.

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