Japan National Route 5

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As we know, this way is the practical and historical main route between Hakodate and Sapporo in Hokkaido. And, it is the only single-digit national road in Hokkaido.

I was heading from Yoichi city to Otaru city.
Recently, Otaru is one of the most popular city for Thai people.
Because of the famous Thai movie location.

Otaru city is located in the central of Hokkaido and very accessible from Sapporo. 150 years ago, Otaru is like the wall street in Hokkaido.
The main industry is the Herring.

There are many historical buildings and beautiful canal viewing. Many people have come and been impressed.

Otaru city centra

Now, I’m picturing a beach over Japan in my mind.
In winter, there is the Sea of Okhotsk where drift ice comes, and there is the beach in the East China Sea where yellow sand is carried in the spring.
Truly, the archipelago stretches from north to south.
Hokkaido is located in the most northern Japan.
But, it is just cold place simply. No one stay in this age.

I can guess that this is the land that should be called the Mahoroba of the North (impressed place in Northern).The townscape of Hokkaido, in particular, changes its appearance with the seasons.

The name “Otaru” is derived from the Ainu word “Ota-o-ryu nai” (river in the sandy beach), but this word did not refer to the present-day center of Otaru City, but to the Otaru-uchi River (different from the Otaru-uchi River in Minami Ward, Sapporo), downstream of the Hoshiki River, which flows on the border between Otaru City and Sapporo.

I didn’t go in this time, but the night view is also very famous from Mt. Tengu. Mt. Tengu is a mountain in Otaru City, Hokkaido, 532.5 m above sea level. Located southwest of the city center, the mountain is popular among Otaru residents and tourists alike for its lookout point and ski slopes. The view of Otaru City and Ishikari Bay can be seen from the observatory at the top of the mountain. In particular, the view at night is hailed as one of the three best night views in Hokkaido.

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