Japan National Route 237

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Hokkaido prefectural route 70 connected to Japan National Route in Kamifurano/Biei region.

Hills and Tree in Biei were very famous. One of the reasons is a TV commercial massage of Nissan skyline C110 generation. The location was selected and the C110 was stemming in front of trees in Biei in the advertisement, known as Ken & Merry or Kenmeri.

Driving through them, you can go in a calm field. And you can see the Torii and Hachiman in field.

Yokoucshi Hachiman Shrine

Hokkaido prefectural government ordered Mr. Heijiro Inoue, which had lived in Tokushima prefecture, to cultivate this area, Ushiyoko, for 153 ha on April in the 1898. After that, many people came to work and felt relax with a clear stream from pepietsu based on Mt. Taisetsu (pepietsu is from Ainu language, Actually, the clear stream is Bebetsu river), centered with Inoue farm.

The shrine, which the sacred sprits of the Hachiman God moved to was contracted in 1900. The sprits of God was given from Hachiman shrine in Inoue village, Tokushima prefecture [1]. I can’t find the original location of Hachiman shrine in Inoue village, Tokushima prefecture. I think it is Inoue Hachiman shrine. This shrine was build in 673 in Aska era from obtaining the spirits of god from Usa Hachiman shrine. Many people worship for the shrine.

n Japanese beliefs, Hachiman is the syncretic divinity of archery and war. The name means “God of Eight Banners”, referring to the eight heavenly banners that signaled the birth of the divine Emperor Ojin [2].

When you go driving, you will find the cross over point to the Hokkaido prefectural route 213, which is in mountain. The route was popular for Tenninkyo hot spring hotel and Hagoromo waterfall. But now….

After Tenninkyo gorge, if you want to come to Asahikawa, which is the second biggest city in Hokkaido prefecture, it is convenient to drive on Hokkaido prefectural route 1160.

But, I am eager to go the sever up-down road, named “Jet coaster hill”. Then, I came back to Japan National route 237 after Tenninkyo gorge.

Jet coaster hill. looks good. but opposite direction was awesome. I didn’t know the opposite direction show the great panorama. This dynamic up-down slope get famous, actually.

I was surprised. The hill shows the impressed panorama of Furano and Biei region. I didn’t know the information before. The place is named for Shujitsu-no-oka hill.

panorama view of “Shujitsu no oka hill”

This is a minor spot, but you can see the sunset and beautiful stars definitely. You can be touched with field and green tree and Asahidake and Tokachi mountain range.

This is near cross over point of Japan National route 237 and Hokkaido prefectural route 213.

1. Hokkaido Shrine office publishment, 1999
2. Wikipedia of Hachiman

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